Mass Air-flow Sensor Cleaner: At your service!

Mass air-flow sensor cleaner spray is made specially to clean mass air flow sensor of any vehicle. Using this product mass air-flow sensor cleaner spray will increase engine’s horsepower and improve air/fuel ratio and MPG. It is safe to use because the plastic safe-dries in seconds. Everyone can use it in all kinds of cleaning and whenever the filter is changed. One can use it anytime one needs it. By using mass air flow sensor spray one will have low engine maintenance which helps saving a lot.

Mass Airflow Sensor CleanerThe Product is under CRC Brand. The bottle usually is 7.4 ounces with the product dimensions of 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches.

It is a product that gives the assurance to the end users.  Mass Air-flow Sensor Cleaner Spray is reliable, dependable, and it warrants accuracy as well as its light weight which people can have it along with them when they travel. It is made portable and easy to tag along wherever one will go.

The Best store to buy for Mass Air-flow Sensor cleaner

Are you looking for a much cheaper price to buy mass air-flow sensor cleaner spray? The best place to get one is in Walmart. The Mass air-flow sensor cleaner Walmart offers discounts for bulk purchases of supplies. It offers a wide range of products at the lowest price one can ever get.

Safety Measures

This product is considered high risk factor if not used properly.  It should be placed in one place where children can’t reach it.  Though, it is much safer compared to a more aggressive chemical usage in other cleaning products but one has to be careful because it is flammable and explosive if not handled carefully.  It is extremely hazardous with fatal result if improperly used. Though, very few such cases have been reported, but still one should be extra careful while handling this product.  Too much exposure will lead to health complications like respiratory system malfunctions, dizziness, and loss of consciousness if inhaled. It can even lead to death. 

Mass Air flow sensor cleaner Ingredients

The products contains Hexane isomers, in-Hexane, Synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbon, Methanol and Carbon dioxide.  This kind of chemical compound is extremely dangerous to a person’s health.  It is really advisable that as one uses this product they need know how to use it according to its purpose.  You should strictly keep it away from the reach of children.

First Aid

If by accident it gets into contact with the eye, first thing to do is to rinse it with water for 10 minutes. If it happens in the skin, wash affected area with soap and water and call a physician if problem persists.

Encase if it’s inhaled, move the person to the fresh air, if the person is short of air breath, supple oxygen and call a physician.

If it is swallowed, do not try to make the person vomit, instead call the physician at once.