How To Use A Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner

Mass airflow sensor cleaner spray is designed purposely for cleaning mass air flow sensor (MAF) of all types of vehicles. MAF is responsible for measuring the temperature and volume of air that flows into the intake manifold of a car’s engine. More so, it assists in regulating the ratio of fuel to air in order to enhance an optimal performance of the engine. For quite some time, tiny particles might build up on your car’s sensor, making it improperly measure the flow of air. In the long run, the small particles might make the sensor to diminish its capabilities of regulating the air to fuel ratio. As a result, this might lead to poor fuel performance and economy. This article will explain some essential steps for using a MAF sensor cleaner.

Tips for using a mass airflow sensor cleaner
Cleaning the Mass Airflow Sensor on several cars can bring back the fuel economy, idle quality and lost performance of that same car. You can commonly spot out dirty MAF sensors on cars that have neglected air filters, as well as, those cars that operate in dusty environs. From my experience, numerous car models can enjoy the benefits of using a mass airflow sensor cleaner on regular occasions. Well, not all of the MAF sensors will enjoy those benefits. The same case goes to the fact that not all cars have these MAF sensors. Here are the instructions for cleaning MAF sensors:

Never start the cleaning process if you have not disconnected the -ve battery cable through the use of a wrench. More so, you should give room for the engine to completely cool down in order to avoid damaging the sensor through a thermal shock. Thermal shock refers to a situation whereby the parts of an engine get damaged in case a hot device suddenly cools down.The second step involved unplugging an electrical connector from the mass airflow sensor. This MAF sensor is located in the air ingestion between the air filter housing and the throttle body. However, you will find that most of the MAF sensors are located in the air filter housing.

Make loose every clamp that is on the air duct, which connects the mass airflow sensor housing to this duct. Also, remove the housing and MAF sensor from the air filter housing and ducts. The MAF sensor is attached using 2 screws, which you should remove by the use of a torx driver. Our next step involves lifting up the sensor carefully from its MAF housing. In addition, you should take away the tiny O-ring that is between the housing and sensor and ensure that you do not lose them.

Spray some electrical components that are in a mass airflow sensor cleaner on the sensor’s end. Allow the cleaner to work for at least 2 minutes in order to soften all the deposits or particles on the car’s sensor. Spray all those softened particles away from your sensor using the MAF sensor cleaner and allow the vehicles’ sensor to dry. In case you come across some stubborn dirt, you can use a cotton mop to wipe them.